"Love + Creativity + Empathy" Melvis Santa Bangle



"Love + Creativity + Empathy"

"Our voice is our first sound instrument. Sharing my voice is telling my story and those of my ancestors. It allows me to bring tradition, culture + community..." Melvis Santa

Born in Havana, Melvis Santa has been well known in Cuba since she was fourteen years old and formed the vocal group Sexto Sentido. 2018 Grammy nominee Melvis Santa and her group Ashedí (translated to ‘invitation’ in the Lukumi dialect of Cuba) bring powerful, ecstatic AfroCuban music to new spaces, transforming time and consciousness with its multilayered polyrhythms and hypnotic chants, taking us out of our ordinary state of mind and invoking the spirits of the Afro-Cuban pantheon of orishas.

A collaboration with Article 22's 'Artist + Activist series'. This piece tells the story of transformation from bombs into modern artifacts, dropped + made in Laos. Visit article22.com to learn about their jewelry and mission.